Reliance Capital


A well known brand Reliance Capital earlier had the old look and feel of the website and due to this, the brand was not able to gather its presence in the internet world.

From here emerges the first challenge of developing a user friendly website wit the latest trend. Another challenge on the line was of rankings and lead generation due to the old design. The target audience was limited and the design of the website did not appeal to the traffic. Although the organisation had ideas for website and marketing, but did not had the time and right source to achieve them.


Provide precise content with relevant brand keywords and SEO strategies to ensure relevant search ads.

Tackle with the UX/UI problem. Designing and developing a user friendly interface which will further help to increase and enhance the user experience that will generate the traffic and leads afterwards.

Working on several optimization techniques to hande the load of data generation. Testing the usability and accessibility of the product and service.


Firstly the site had to be changed completely to attract the target audience. To do that we had a brain storming discussion with the clients to know about their needs and wants.

After concluding on the discussion and getting a brief idea about the site, we started to design and develop a website which would reveal the brand’s emotions and convey message to the users regarding the company’s values and morals.

After completing the first task now the focus was diverted to identify the targeted audience, then start SEO optimization. This was done by a keyword research followed by identification of the content requirements to bolster the website. The idea was to deliver results across the search landscape.

In this result-oriented market, we have achived great results for our clients and our team as well.