Types of Multi- platform Framework

Generally there are 2 types of multi- platform apps: Native cross-platform apps and Hybrid HTML5 cross- platform apps.

  • Native cross-platform appsNative cross-platform apps are developed using APIs while simultaneously implementing them in another programming languages that is not supported by operating system vendor.
    Two of the most important frameworks used for developing native cross-platform apps are, React Native and Native Script.

  • Hybrid cross- platform appsHybrid cross- platform app is a web app built inside a native container either using HTML5 or JavaScript. Thus these apps are installed like a native app, but actually it is a web app on the inside. These apps run in a simplified browser within the app.

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Advantages of Cross Platform Apps

Cross platform app creation uses one code base, thus optimizing the application development process for efficient results and reducing the complexity to manage multiple code-bases, languages, developer tool-kits and methodologies.

Cross platform app development helps to increase development speed and reduce the development time while decreasing the maintenance cost.
In short, this method helps to cover wider range of platforms without investing more time and energy in multiple code version. Also it helps to cut down the time required for repeated tasks and app development.

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