Fena has evolved over time and today it is a professionally managed company which has developed its vision and is continuously doing so. The main challenge was to corporate the achievements that Fena had acquired till now since its inception. The diverse field of the company needed a makeover so that the product could itself interact with the users and appeal to them. Fena as a brand had to be neatly presented to let know the audience about its different product range and growing international division. This had to be achieved without losing the real identity of the brand and allowing users to find what interests them.


For the strategy, main focus was to rejuvenate the brand in the online world where users could connect to it.

Clean and clear visibility to create brand awareness and increase search.

To bring the content to the forefront for all the end users.

To give a push to the brand to approach all the audiences be it customers or B2B associations.


Created an appealing homepage which reveals the story of the brand and its trust and recognition among people.

Website is carved with engaging pages, and captivating message. Different range of product is displayed separately for user-friendly navigation.

Together with the client, colour and tone of the website was sketched out and the emotions of the brand was created.

Since Fena is a sponsor of one of the IPL Teams, thus the traffic of the website increased in large numbers during IPL campaign. Our team proficiently handled 10,000+ traffic a single day during those days.

Impact is a brand under Fena. Our team has also worked intensively for the rebranding or renew site creation of Impact. Our team has developed the site with an aim to make web presence of the website.