Bajaj Corporation

Bajaj Corp is the second largest company in the Shishir Bajaj Group of companies. The history of Bajaj Corp dates back to 1953 when Mr. Kamalnayan Bajaj established Bajaj Sevashram to market and sell hair oils and other beauty products. Bajaj Corp Ltd. is one of the leading player in Hair oil category with brands like Bajaj Almond Drops Hair oil, Bajaj Brahmi Amla Hair Oil, Bajaj Amla Hair oil and Bajaj Jasmine Hair oil. Our flagship Brand Bajaj Almond Drops Hair oil is the No. 1* hair oil in Indian market with Premium positioning and commands one of the highest per unit price in the industry.


The New Bajaj Corporation Website was recently launched in July 2016 with new responsive design approach. The client wanted to give a boost to its brands in the Hair Care & Skin Care segment with a modern, contemporary look to the Website. Certain new sections were introduced with a better UI for the Target Audience which consists of B2C consumers, Investors & those seeking partnership for the overseas export segment. Hence these sections were made content rich with more engaging content & interactive functionality to address the communication needs of the Target Group.


The Website is a vibrant, responsive design. The New Design carries large images of the product along with links to the inner descriptor pages. There is an active linkage with their Social Media Pages & live feeds. The Investors section is well laid out with content along with a Careers section with a lot of information on opportunities within the Company. The Product pages are linked with the Shopping Cart option to buy online from various Ecommerce Platforms like FlipKart, Amazon among others.

Bajaj Corp
Bajaj Corp
Bajaj Corp