Officenet Intranet Launched at KRBL

Officenet Intranet Launched at KRBL

KRBL Limited, an Indian rice processing and exporting company and the world’s largest rice miller, launched the award-winning Officenet Intranet for a new “employee experience platform” amidst Covid Protocol. The initiative was taken to create a unified employee engagement platform that supports employees from their onboarding process to collaborating with their colleagues and continues throughout the entire employee lifecycle which will enable employees to receive, search for and easily find up-to-date news and vital company information such as policies, procedures, and HR resources, on the go.

As employees work remotely, companies are now struggling to keep their internal culture and foster community among employees. Officenet Intranet portal aims to fix this, by bringing a simple yet flexible Intranet system that manages all your HR processes so you can focus more on your people. With all the features required for ESS, Payroll, Time office, Recruitment, Performance Management, this acts as a single-window platform for employees to fill and submit their online requisitions following the automated approval workflow matrix.

The new Work from home feature will enable you to create Dynamic forms with varying levels of Approval Workflow and will help manage Tasks with an enhanced methodology, allowing you to assign, track and monitor task closures, hours spent, and linked to overall business goals.

With easy customization of the workflows as per the company’s brand guidelines and requirements, the benefits of the platform for the employee experience helps organizations create a thriving culture with engaged employees.

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