Launch of Officenet Learning and Development Module at Sansera Engineering Limited

Launch of Officenet Learning and Development Module at Sansera

The global workforce has been continually evolving due to an increasingly competitive business landscape, rising complexity, and the shift to a digital revolution, knowledge-based economy is more important than ever.

All of these trends have elevated the importance of the learning and development (L&D) function. Considering the strategic role of L&D, Officenet has launched its Learning and Development Module for Sansera Engineering Limited ( that specializes in manufacturing iron and steel forging products. This module will help to impart Online Training, Evaluation, and identifying the Training Needs of the Employee Base spread across multiple Plant locations.

Employees at all levels will benefit from this L&D platform. New employees to mid-level managers learn new Feedback skills that encourage more open exchanges of information. Better communication among colleagues will increase efficiency, productivity, and teamwork. The Learning & Development module will measure the progress and understand the talent profile of all the employees.

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