OSCommerce Development

Netcomm Labs, with over a decade of experience in IT, has experts quite proficient in OSCommerce development. One of the oldest and still one of the finest, OSCommerce allows affordably but technologically elegant and refined solutions for webstore management. It interfaces well with other open source platforms such as PHP/MySQL, is modular and has a host of wonderful features. With experience and knowledge at our command, we effortlessly leverage the power and functionality of its over 7000 add-ons for your benefit.

With OSCommerce as the tool, we develop extreme front end functionality for your website translating to a superior and highly satisfactory user experience. Our development is reflected in the intuitive and logical layout, the seamless display of order history, search and other features a shopper usually expects. Apart from price/quantity/currency, the OSCommerce package facilitates inclusion of multiple tax calculations in the shape of modules. Other relevant factors such as shipping costs, packing costs and processing charges can be incorporated with effortless ease when and where required to give your ecommerce business an air of transparency and openness from the user perspective. We can also incorporate shipping and tracking feature in OSCommerce development solutions; incorporate multi-lingual and multicurrency support as well as facility to update exchange rates.

In fact, our expertise lies in listening to your vision of what your store should be like and using OSCommerce development tool to come up with solutions that translate ideas to solid practical reality.

The way we work

  • Understanding of your objectives, competition, buyer expectation, market trends and product mix, short-term and long-term objectives as well as budgets
  • Select OSCommerce tool, develop a framework, explain to clients the features for inclusion and proceed
  • Go into agile mode of OScommerce development, following the modular and scalable architecting method for easy upgrades or modifications when needed in future
  • Test, deploy, smooth out wrinkles, redeploy
  • Training if needed, control panel if needed to help you upload product data and prices, etc.
  • Maintenance and support

OSCommerce is but one of the many technological tools in which we have superior competence. Open source technologies such as PHP, MySQL, Ruby On Rails, JavaScript, Ajax and Jquery as well as HTML5, XHTML, XML and CSS3, Joomla, Drupal and Magento are also within our domain of expertise. This gives us the freedom to select appropriate pathways, dovetail modules as regards front end and back end operation while presenting seamless user interface. We keep it simple on the surface while underpinnings are sophisticated to the extreme.

If you are starting on a low budget yet need exceptionally high performing e-commerce websites, come to us and we will follow the OSCommerce route. If you have a webstore but it is underperforming, let us use our OSCommerce expertise to give it a makeover that will surprise you. We offer professional, world class OSCommerce development for global IT consulting firms and make available developers on demand for onsite or offshore dedicated development. We cut no corners, complete projects in time and offer the best cost-performance packages with guaranteed satisfaction and support services.

Call us and find out more.

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