ERP Application Development

Cutting edge, advanced, modular and scalable

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a different world and calls for specialized skills and mindsets for specific applications that interface seamlessly with an existing set up. Netcomm Labs possesses experts in ERP application development, leveraging the power of SAP, Oracle and other platforms such as OFBiz, Apache Open for Business and JBoss Seam to deliver high performance affordable applications with tailored UIs with an intuitive feel, hiding sophisticated features. If you are using legacy ERP applications, it is time for a revamp. Current trends such as use of portable devices and touch interfaces call for revision of the way users interact and our ERP application development service factors recent trends in developing perfect products that reduce labor efforts and make easy the task of data input and data compiling. In fact, we use advanced features such as augmented reality, location sensitivity, gyros and other features incorporated into the apps to enhance productivity and efficiencies.

Our custom ERP application development services meet present challenges and address all needs of an enterprise as well make it better from the end-user perspective. We work from concept to design to development and implementation, customizing each application to the extreme using the latest tools. We work closely with your personnel and undertake research before we design a suitable ERP application to resolve issues or modify these to make for better performance. Development is agile, iterative and incorporates modularity and scalability while being technically and economically feasible, aligned with a client’s objectives. We collaborate with each client every step of the way for highly satisfactory outcomes, even going out of our way to incorporate changes at any changes during and after the development process.

Our ERP application development service is perfect for:

  • Manufacturing companies with multiple locations
  • Retail industry spread across diverse geographical locations
  • Logistics, shipping, transport services
  • Automobile industry
  • Healthcare industry
  • Insurance, banking, financials

Our ERP applications cover:

  • Inventory management, materials, dispatch, delivery
  • Manufacturing and production processes
  • Sales, accounting and finance
  • Planning and procurement, vendor tracking
  • Human Resources, Attendance, Payroll, Biometrics
  • CRM, Marketing

We offer exceptional ERP application development services for global enterprise with assurance of 24x7 support at all times. We have the strengths, the capabilities, resources and infrastructure to deliver superior applications, complete projects within time and deliver beyond expectations. Our specialty is in intermeshing applications into existing infrastructure, staff training and upgradation without disturbing the set up. We also offer ERP application development services to global IT Consulting companies on flexible terms and deploy specialists in ERP for dedicated development at extremely competitive rates.

ERP is complex and needs not only knowedge and capabilities in using tools but also a deeper understanding of the way enterprises and people work. Netcomm Labs goes beyond software development to research and understand each client’s specific position and come up with the perfect solution. If you are looking for professionals of the highest order in ERP application development using SAP Hana or any other open source tools, talk to us to resolve mission critical issues at affordable rates. Our solutions will make a vast difference to the way you operate, improving efficiencies and contributing to revenue growth. Protection Status