B2C Portal Development Services

Reach Out, Communicate, Convince, Converge

B2C Portals are wider in reaching, enabling businesses to reach out to a global audience of consumers. The parameters of B2C portal development mesh to a certain extent with B2B but diverge since the focus here is on selling to end users or consumers. Apart from offering products of interest to end users, B2C portals also need to engage, motivate, convince and convert visitors while offering them a facile shopping experience. While B2B may be barebones since businesses are largely concerned with connecting and conducting business with the products in focus, for B2C buyers, the site must offer much more. In addition B2C channels need to be available on a variety of devices such as PCs, laptops, mobiles, tablets and social interaction through social networks. This calls for a comprehensive set of skills, depth of knowledge and understanding of not only markets but also consumers’ minds and the competence to fuse all these into a seamless fine honed online tool that generates maximum returns at a global level. Netcomm Labs possesses these capabilities.

Netcomm Labs B2C portal development service includes

  • Rich functionality, fast loading apps, ease of use and uniform platform-independent, device-independent display
  • Browsing, keyword search, navigation features
  • Relevant content with ratings, feedback, reviews and forums as may be required integrated into B2C portal
  • Capability to offer deals, discounts, schemes with time limitation or product referenced
  • SEO, site traffic, brand management, promoting customer loyalty through social network integrations
  • Services, support, payment integration, shopping carts, inventory control, CRM/CMS

We can do all these and more, translating your visions into reality and helping you zoom off to the top in a short time with a B2C site that shines bright in a galaxy of similar sites crowding the internet space.
To our credit and advantage we have teams of experts in PHP/MySQL, Ajax, Javascript, Zend Frameworks, JQuery, Magento, Drupal, Joomla, Ruby on Rails and other open source technologies. These teams get together to fuse their talents and wealth of knowledge into the architecting of a stupendous B2C sight with a global reach. Since a B2C site must be always up and running and must never be affected by traffic volumes, we factor these into B2C portal development and optimize sites accordingly, even factoring in cloud deployment should it be convenient to your business model. If you need quick data and analysis of the huge volumes of traffic in order to fine hone your marketing tactics, understand global and regional customer preferences, we employ big data technologies to deliver meaningful data reports.

A total service IT solutions provider, Netcomm Labs is the perfect partner to help you deploy adrenalized B2C sites with character, personality and global appeal; we create sites that are money spinners on a massive scale. Our B2C portal development services features:

  • Manage content through inbuilt CMS as well as merchandise products directly on your own through provided console
  • Operate single or multiple online storefronts
  • Control and manage ordering and inventory from a central location as well as fulfillment and payment processing/refunds
  • Include images and video through media management console built into your console

We offer B2C portal development services for startups and modification services for established B2C portal owners to help raise functionality to new levels. Our B2C portal development services are available for global IT solutions providers as offshore/outsourced services marked by excellence in all departments: technologies, responsiveness, methods of development, deployment, services, support and of course the best prices.
Call today and let us help you zoom to stratospheric heights with our B2C portal development services.

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